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Blind Cat Rescue was started in 2005 to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters.  They were going to be killed just because they are blind.  In 2011 we built a building to provide a safe sanctuary for FELV+ & FIV+ cats. We will accept an animal into our sanctuary IF we have space available.  Blind cats must be certified by a vet as blind.  Cats with 20% or less sight are accepted as blind. All cats must be fixed. FELV & FIV+ cats must be tested by IFA test.  We will NOT accept a cat as positive based upon the snap test. Facts about blind cats: Blind cats do not know they are blind, they know they are cats.  They act like cats. Blind cats can do pretty much everything that a seeing cat can do.  They can climb trees, climb up on to the top of cabinets and get into places that you can not figure out how they did it. Some things that will make it easier on your blind cat is to try to stay some what consistent on the important things, like the litter box and food bowls.  For the rest of the house,  live normal; they will go around things.  If you watch a blind cat, you will see that they point their whiskers out so the whiskers will brush against something typically before they hit it.  You CAN move your furniture.  They will quickly readjust to the change. If you pick up a blind cat and move him/her from point A to point B, try to put them down where they have a good idea of where they are: in the litter box, at their food bowl or where floors have different textures. A cat can become blind from many things.  If your cat has suddenly over night become become blind, RUSH the cat to the vet!  Insist on them checking the cat’s blood pressure (That is not something done automatically at most vets) IF the blindness is from hypertension and caught fast enough,  it may reverse with medicine. They can also become blind from diabetes, hyperthyroid, upper respiratory infections, and from not being wormed.  Worms will migrate around the cat’s body, including up behind the eyes where they destroy the optic nerves, etc and thus the animal becomes blind.  If your cat is sneezing, coughing and eyes are goopy, get to the vet!  If your cat is eating like crazy and losing weight or drinking water like there is no tomorrow RUN to the vet!  We are available to come and talk to groups about animals with disabilities. Just drop us an email. We are a registered non-profit with the state of North Carolina.  We are a 501(c)3.  Our tax number is 20-3410498. Please, if you believe that blind, FIV+ or FELV+ cats deserve to have an opportunity to live instead of being declared not adoptable and immediately killed,  help us have the resources to help them.  Your donations are tax deductible and encrypted.  You may use Mastercard, Visa or Paypal.  Please say YES to saving a blind cat’s life!  Please donate NOW!
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