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2010  Felix is another one that took a village to save.  He came to us from another rescue.  Here is the email they (the rescue) received from the person that had the cat. “I coped and pasted the info that I gave you via facebook below. Hope its enough because it’s all I have.  I never took him to the vet due to financial problems.  We gave him penicillin shots for ten days and cleaned him up. Do you know anybody who wants a blind cat? We found him laying in the road on Christmas just as it started snowing. We picked him up so he wouldn’t suffer in the snow.  We didn’t think he would make it through the night.  He lost part of his bottom jaw and his sight, but a month later he is still living in my bathroom. He is very sweet and is very appreciative.  He uses the litterbox and eats wet food but you have to tap on the side of the bow so he can heat it to find the bowl.  I do not have the time for him, and I already have too many pets.  Can you please find someone to take him? Thanks so much! I really dont have any more info than that.  Hes not fixed...but I think that he could adapt to a home really well.  He has adapted to our bathroom and knows where the litter box is and where he gets fed.  We locked up of of our cats and dogs and let him out a couple of times and he did ok.  He liked to stay by our feet as we sat on the couch.  He loves to be petted and talked to. He mows back like he is talking back. “
Now the story takes a new turn,  Here is the next email: this one is from the rescue: “Sorry it has been a week or so since i have written to you... the story on the blind kitty has taken a bit of a turn.  I spoke with the gal from SC that rescued the cat last week. She said that she thinks the kitty has been “hit” and that might be why it is blind. I started asking her a lot of questions about the kitty and found out a lot more than she had told me in the first place. I wanted to investigate further and weight out the vetting costs, etc before bringing it to you. She gold me the cat is very sweet, eats find, poops fine and seems perfectly normal...but!  he is “Missing” part of his jaw where he was supposedly “hit” by a car (or at least this is what she is thinking must have happened to him)  With this information I knew I might be facing more than just a combo test, neuter and shorts bill! I called my vet and I am taking the cat in tomorrow for an exam, x-rays, neuter, combo test, shots, etc. I will de-flea it and de-worm it.  If xrays check out ok, and I get all of this done, and cat seems normal (except for a possible deforemed jaw), would you still be willing to take it, as you told me last we, if we transport it up to you??? I understand either way - I just feel so sorry for the little guy! Let me know and thanks for considering this rescue.” So Felix is lucky,  some one found him, atleast tried to help him, put out a request for help.  H got lucky that a rescue took him in, got him the help he needed and found a place for him to be safe and loved. He is a super nice fellow who never turns down a lap. Sponsored by John - Thank you! Sponsored by Barbara - Thank you! Sponsored by Jari - Thank you! Sponsored by Ramon - Thank you! Sponsored by Lisa - Thank you!
Felix the day he arrived. Felix getting chin rubs from Valerie Felix with a visitors Felix with another visitor Felix with a visitor Felix and Lorraine Felix and Ed Felix and Lisa Felix and a visitor
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