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2006  Maggie has had a rough life.  At age 5 her owner died & the family stuck her in the local humane society shelter. There she became ill with an upper respiratory infection & eye infections that cost her her sight.  A volunteer had been watching this whole situation and when the shelter said they were going to kill her because she was blind, she stopped them, demanded that she be treated and turned over to her or she would go to the press and tell them about the conditions there.  She saved Maggie’s life. The rescuers found a “foster” home for her.  Her new home also had Angel there.  When he was threatened eviction from his home because of too many pets he returned Angel & Maggie back to the rescue.  The rescued asked would we please take them. Maggie had a very hard time adjusting when she got here.  She deos not like other cats.  She takes the swat first and ask questions later stance.  Who could blame her?  In 1 year she had lost her lifetime home, got stuck in a shelter, lost her sight, lost her second home and now has to adjust to a third home and new cats. She loves to be pet and brushed,  is quite the talker but sure hates the other cats.   We also discovered why the family dumped her at the shelter.  She does not use the litter box for bowl movements. Years later, she is still a sweet girl but still hates being with other cats.  She stays in the lobby so she doesn’t have to deal with the others and is much happier. 2013  She developed diabetes.  With a very strict diet we have gotten it under control and no longer must take insulin. Sponsored & Loved by Cat - Thank you! Sponsored by Giovanna - Thank you!
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