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Memorials 4
My dearest Raven crossed the Rainbow Bridge April 1st without my permission. It will never be the same without you here sweet boy. We all miss you and look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then sleep tight best baby.  Daddy, Gino & Patches.
I lost my best friend today. He didn't leave willingly, but I wasn't there to hold him back. While I slept he peacefully slipped away.  If only I'd been there at the last to hold him close and comfort him. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I didn't know it was time for him to leave. I f only he could have stayed a little longer. He was such a faithful friend. He gave me many a laugh and moments of pleasure.  When he got older he didn't want to be held and loved, but ever so often he would brush against my leg as if to say, ?I still love you.?  I really didn't mind the extra problems his old age caused. I  was willing to continue cleaning up after him. Somehow he was confused about plastic  bags and the litter pan. But what was that compared to all the years of loyalty and love he gave me. Lord, I just wanted a little longer.  After all, we grew old together.  Yes, he always lived up to his name, ?Troubles.? As a young kitten he got lost one block over and stayed gone for a week. I finally found him  going door to door looking the right one. And, when we would go out of town and leave him we could expect to come home and find something  he'd broken in retaliation. He gave us a million laughs and we probably had to give him a million scoldings. But I was never really mad at him. He liked to hide under the bed till the light was turned out, then attack your feet. He liked his water from a running faucet till he got so old he  didn't feel safe up there.  He was a big cat, too, and ruled the neighborhood. He wasn't scared of anything from mice to rattlesnakes. Then he got too old, and it would break  my heart to see younger cats slap at him and he'd look at me for help. After all, he was blind in one eye and slowed by arthritis. Right up to the  last he still felt he had to go out and patrol the yard several times a day. Then he would come in, eat a snack, and then go to bed.  Once he had an operation on his face and had to wear one of those cones. We laughed so hard as he'd walk into the door frame because  he couldn't judge distances, or he'd try walking backwards.  When he was young he'd sleep in my lap for hours as I'd watch TV. And in the mornings he'd wake you up by jumping onto your back,  claws and 18lbs. of weight.  Nothing new could be brought into the house without him laying on it, no matter how much he was scolded. No dress could be made without  his help. And, much to Kay's distress, he loved to lay on the sewing table. When the girls came to get their dresses he had to be there,  as if to make sure they met his approval.  When it came to going to the vet he was a coward. I'd have to cover him completely up in a towel. Everyone at the vet's office thought I had  an animal in bad condition under the towel and would act with such sympathy and curiosity. (If only they knew.)   I have pictures of him with 9 of our grandchildren as each came along. Once I heard dogs after something in the woods. Without hesitation I bolted  out of the house barefooted and into the woods I went to rescue him. I went through briar’s and over ditches. The undergrowth was up to my waist. I  finally gave up and came back to the house, only to find him asleep.  For Christmas I gave him a bed. He knew right away it was his alone. No one else dared sleep in it. That last night before he left I went to  say goodnight to him. He was laying in that bed. I petted him and his only answer should have told me something was wrong. It was like a growl,  and he didn't lick my hand as usual. But, it was late, so I hurried off to bed. When I saw him the next morning I knew right away he was dead.  Then my heart died also. My tears were held back, only to soak the soil I later put over him.  It was a good 18 years, but couldn't it have been 19, or wouldn't 20 have been better? Now I'm just an old man without my best friend.                                                                                                                   POOKY
On June 2, 2009 I took my dear friend, Pooky, on our hardest and last journey together. You see, Pooky had some health issues going on for a little over a year. She had heart problems and a skin disorder, but she was a little trooper and had been holding her own with the help of vet care and meds. I first met this enchanting bit of fur here where I work around 12 years ago. I still can remember the first day I saw her running through the lunchroom as I scooped her up into my arms and said to her, I have always wanted someone like you. I consider myself very lucky that she took my words to heart and allowed me that wonderful privilege. It wasn't always easy as we had to learn to trust each other, but it came  with time and patience on both are parts and I can certainly say there was nothing on earth more worth the effort than the relationship, the bond we had we each other. Everyone said She's your cat. I still don't know how I managed to be so lucky. She was estimated to be about 7 yrs old at the time our paths crossed according to the vet. My only sadness at that was knowing I was not going to have the years with her that I had hoped for. But, God gave me my second gift. She lived to be 19 yrs old, so I had 12 wonderful years with this dear cat. But time takes its toll on all of us and in the past few weeks her health started to falter and the time to say that last Goodbye was drawing near. The decision wasn't easy as all we pet parents know who need to make it, but easy or not, I made up my mind I would see her through it to the end. You see, she gave me so very much over those 12 years, she gave me unconditional love, she gave her friendship, companionship and trust. She taught me that many, many animals don't enjoy the love and care that she had with me. She made me see that it is important to try and do what you can for the less fortunate ones. Because of this, I joined several groups, took a board position with one, met and tried to soak up any knowledge I could from many animal people, as we have come to be called. I have been f ortunate enough to help a few animals on their way to a better life and with each of them goes a piece of Pooky. She will live on through each of them. I always say if I have helped in some way, thank my cat. Though, my heart, my very soul aches so bad right now, I know with time Pooky's pawprints will begin to work their healing process on me. I have many, many fond memories of my dearest friend and she will always be a part of my life. God Sped My Dear Friend! Your Human Mom & Forever Friend, Linda
Dearest Ashley, when you came into my life two years ago, you were already very frail and ill.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and making the best of every day.  You took your daily fluids and pills without complaint and only saw the joy in life.  I will miss your courage and gentle ways.  I will never forget your beautiful little face and how happy you always were to see me.  Thank you for all the beautiful memories of you,  which I will cherish forever.  Thank you for the lessons you taught me.  Sleep in peace my darling Ashley.  With love forever,  Wendy.
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