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On Monday Jan 18Th, 2010 my beautiful "baby boy" died in my arms. I watched your sweet body go still, and your little spirit soul went over the Rainbow Bridge and I just looked, I could not stop you from leaving me. My heart is broken into MORE then a million pieces. I will miss touching you, I will miss giving you loving glances, I will miss you always wanting to be near me. Lastly, you helped me cope and get thru my painful hip surgery last year.  You were my "best friend" always there thru it all. I love you! I will remember you all the days of my life Till we meet again Mommy, Daddy, Roxie, Lucy, Cecil, Penny, Porter, Celia, Bailey, Baxter, Buttons (your cat brothers and sister.) Sylvia
Jeano was not an especially pretty cat nor was she very friendly, but she was mine for seventeen years and kept me company on many lonely nights. She was there when I was sick and when my father passed away. She was the last link to a different part of my life. Jeano will be missed a great deal by myself and my wife, along with her three best kitty friends (Polly, W, and Hanna). She was far more brave than I today, when we went to the veterinarian's for the last time. So that old, unattractive, unfriendly, tortoise shell left me today, and went to be with her old friends (Buddy, Pepper, and Mandy). Jeano was one of a kind, I hope Rainbow Bridge exists and you get McDonald's french fries there. 
On April 26, 2010, our beloved Browny of 17 years, passed away from mouth cancer. Browny adopted us on May 26, 1996, the day our lives changed forever. It was the best fourteen years of our lives to share our loving home with him. The unconditional love that was shared between us is something nobody in our community will ever forget. We all love and miss him dearly. In Loving Memory, The Swan Family 
All the Darkness In the World Cannot Extinguish the Light of a Single Candle! ~ Saint Francis of Assisi
This will be my final post (at least long one) about the life and times of our angel Coco who was taken way too early. She would have only turned six years old on May 29th. Coco was diagnosed with GI Lymphoma about a year and a half previously at the age of four. we were very lucky to have a year of remission and quality life with our baby after her diagnoses. She was truly an angel and such a gift. I wanted to do one final post to honor the life and times of our angel Coco. I will probably write another post later on coping with the loss of a pet, but I need to figure that one out myself first :) Coco will of course always be part of and mentioned on my site. I will still mention her and post photos later, but I wanted to post some of her special qualities and of course more photos.*Coco loved to play fetch with her little mice. She would even toss them down the stairs, run down to get them and do it over and over again.*Coco loved to help me make the bed every morning. I would call to her, "Coco making the bed and she would ALWAYS come running.*She would try to jump and reach the fan pull while sitting on our bed by doing such a graceful pirouette in the air. * Although she never had kittens, she was so motherly to all of our cats. She always had an Eskimo kiss for ALL of them when she walked past them. *Best of all, she always knew when something was wrong. When I was sick, she never left my side - I will of course always be grateful.I am planting a small garden in her memory and assembling another special scrapbook devoted to Coco. I am also going to make a donation to the Blind Cat Rescue in her name, Coco could see, but I think this is such a wonderful organization.I will leave you some of my angel's favorite photos.Thanks for visiting and all of your wonderful comments - they have helped more than you can imagine!!! You can read more about Coco here: Http://manddraponisanimalrescue.typepad.com
and lastly, getting ready to play the piano:
       Rest in peach Coco our precious angel