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2009  This poor little baby has had a rough start for such a young life.  She and her sister Natasha were found as strays with bad eye infections.  The lady that found them was also a foster home for a local rescue.  They helped her get the kittens fixed, etc and she was keeping them for the time being.   This lady ended up getting ill,  was committed to a long time stay in a mental institution and her soon to be ex-husband decided to put the house up for sale while she was gone.  He called the rescue and told them they had 2 days to remove all the cats or he would dump them at the pound. There was 18 cats at immediate risk.  The rescue did not have foster homes for 18 cats!!  One of the rescue volunteers took all 18 to her house and set them up in crates in her garage and them immediately went on the internet looking for some help.    She asked us to take the 2 blind ones and a few days later drove them up from SC. Olivia is a sweet cat but skittish.   You can watch her LIVE on Ustream on Friday’s. 2010  Olivia bean having problems with one of her eyes and it was removed. 2013  A growth was found on Olivia’s remaining eye when she went in for her yearly check up and the vet felt it was best if we removed the eye. The growth was not cancerous. Happy Anniversary Heather from your loving husband Douglas!  Olivia is being sponsored by Toby the helpful kitty and his little sister Sanka in honor of Heather and the love she gives to animals everywhere. Sponsored by Beth - Thank you! Sponsored by Cynthia - Thank you!
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