2011  Popcorn is a very lucky lady to be a live.   A lady was driving down  a country road and saw, what she thought, a dead cat laying in the  middle of the road.  To her horror as she started to drive past, the cat  raised its head.  Bless her,  she stopped and took the cat to her house.  She said it did not appear to have been hit but was obviously blind  (the cat has no eyes at all) The next day she realized she was in over her head and made some phone calls.  One of them was to us. Poor little Popcorn was a mess.  She had no eyes but the sockets were infected.  She had a weird tumor filling her ear.  She was not fixed,  she has a bum foot (it turns in real strange, but it looked like a very old injury)  And she was covered with fleas. We immediately flea treated her, dewormed her, started her on antibiotics and the next day (Monday) took her to the vet.   Her blood work showed  she was super anemic and could not stand surgery right then,  so we brought her home to fatten her up, get her over the infections and get her in better shape. She has now been fixed,  the tumor removed (it was benign) and is in much better  shape.  She is still healing and still has some drainage but is doing well.  Loves to eat,  climbs like a champ and I think is much happier.   6/15/2012   Back in April  Popcorn took a flying leap and managed to break her leg,  we had a bone plate put in and she appeared to recover fine. Today,  (6/15)  while cleaning and playing the cats,  staff noticed that Popcorn could not support any weight on her leg and when we lifted her up it was flopping.  Obviously broken!  I put her in the car and rushed her to the vet.  X-Rays verified that,  yes, it was broken,  and not only was it broken,  it was above the first break and it had  not healed.   She was splinted and given pain medication and was going to see an animal orthopedic specialist Monday morning. 6/18  Specialist said we had 2 options,  a full bone graft with an approx success rate for her of 80%  or remove the leg.  After much discussion  with both vets and our board, we decided that it was best for her to remove the leg.  This was a deform leg in the first place,  it had not healed in the second place and we knew that she would do just fine with 3 legs. 6/18/2012   We had her leg removed,  you will see the picture below.  She is doing well. 2013  Her polyp returned again.  She was taken to a specialist and it was removed again.  One of the side effects is that she is some what vestibular.  She walks in circles but has no problem finding the litter box or food bowl.
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